August 3, 2010

Baby spice rack

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I HATE throwing out tons of baby food jars.  Some I’m keeping to make our own baby food but there are still lots there.  When our tiny kitchen frustrated me because I had spices in 4 places I started looking for expandable spice racks and it hit me…the 10 jars sitting in the window were perfect size.

Super easy, here goes.  I chose to use the 2.5 oz. jars instead of the 4 oz. jars.  Mostly because I couldn’t find magnets strong enough to hold them to the fridge with that much weight.  First clean out the jars & lids.  Dry off or let dry completly(or spices will clump).  Take the paper labels off by soaking in hot water or just put hot water inside the jar.  I recommend both, because this process will help take off alot of the glue from the label as well.  For any remaining glue dab good amount of some sort of oil on it, I had canola.  Leave on for at least 10 minutes, most glue should wipe off.  If it all doesn’t come off just repeat and leave the oil on for several hours.

Once the lids are dry affix a strong magnet (mine are strength 6 out of 10 & stronger would be better) with super strong glue.  I bought both at Hobby Lobby, magnets were 6 for $1.99 & the glue was $3.47.  Let dry completely before use.

Affix a spice label to each jar & fill. You can’t really see the ‘Nature’s Goodness’ on the lid but you could paint them if you want.  Also, I affix the spice label on the sides so that I can enjoy the beautiful varied colors of the spices.

Pics soon!