August 12, 2010

Thoughts: child harness

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I hate those little harnesses that look like backpacks for little kids.  But now I’m thinking of getting one, just for certain occasions.  Here’s why.

A friend & I went to Deanna Rose Farmstead with our 7 children.  Not a half an hour goes by & I decide to let my 2 yr old down(inside a building) to look at a cow.  Within a minute he had run out the door, without me seeing him.  I realized he was missing & started frantically looking for him.  He was outside running circles in the grass.  Lucky for me a mom & her older daughter were watching him & looking for me.  As soon as I saw him I didn’t know whether to hug him or be ticked off.

Just last week he wandered out of church & into the parking lot.  Granted we don’t keep as close of an eye on him because it’s church & we all watch each other’s kids…but most people were gone, so no one else to watch out for him.

THEN just 2 days ago I had to get him out of the cart at the grocery store & thought he was right there eating his cookie.  But the store manager caught him as he began to leave HyVee(at the same time my daughter’s going “Where’s Miles?” while I was checking out.  Holy Cow!  This boy is gonna give me a heart attack. 

I can’t afford those alert bracelets(over $100).  So, I’m contemplating one of those horrid backpacks.  What are your thoughts.  I’m just terrified that he’ll keep doing it & one day he will get hurt or taken?