August 12, 2010

Listen to what I’m saying

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Andra: “Is that the candle?”

Me: “No, it’s the present for Kyndal”

Andra: “Oh, a candle?”

Me: “No, KYN-DAL…you know Kyla’s mama”

Andra: “Ooooo, candle.


Andra: “Look mama, Logan’s awake”

Me: “No, he’s trying to sleep. Leave him alone.”

Andra: “Wait mama, I think he said something!”

Me: “No, that was him farting…”


On Saturday I had a wedding shower to go to. I wrapped both the shower & wedding presents, with Andra’s help of course! She tried to take one and put it by the front door. I said “Wait that one is for the wedding another day. Take this one, this is for the shower today.” “Ok, mama!” And off she went.

A minute later I hear John say “ANDRA, wait! That present doesn’t go in the shower it goes by the door.” It was all right in her mind 🙂

Originally posted March 18, 2010