November 29, 2010

Getting my butt in gear

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So, I’m getting that itch to make tons of new foods again.  Probably because of the holidays & the million blog & recipe sites I’m getting e-mails from with pictures of delicious looking foods.  Either way, the recipe search has begun.

This past Thanksgiving I began with Leigh’s Pumpkin Roll.  Now Leigh probably didn’t make up the recipe but she’s the one who had me addicted & in turn my Grandmother is as well.  So much so that Grandma Cos hid the last of the Pumpkin Roll from the 25 other family members & yelled at anyone who touched the plate.  🙂  This recipe will quickly follow for those who have already asked for it, stay tuned !

Also, I FINALLY got my KitchenAid mixer & was able to make my own batch of Mandy’s Sugar cookies which are the Shiz-nit!  I’m not sure I can share this recipe…because Mandy is trying  to be an up & coming baking entrepenuer.  This may be the signature!


September 1, 2010

The ONLY one for me

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My dream growing up was to be married.  I ALWAYS wanted to fall in love &  have a wonderful loving marriage.  I want to help those out there who haven’t discovered that kind of love, yet.  To help you realize that God may be preparing him/her for you but it’s all in his timing.  So, I thought I might offer a glimpse of how God worked in me.

A year or so before I met John I was tired of  ‘dating’  I just wanted to find Him, the one (I felt) God created just for me.  So I stopped dating and re-focused on God, knowing that I had to be right with the Lord before he would bless me with my spouse. I began to write letters to my spouse not knowing who he would be…

Because of you, He’s working in me.

Because of you, I’ve changed my ways.

Because of us, He’s called me back.

Because of us, I want to be pure.

Because of Him, I’m forgiven and whole.

Because of Him, I can now be yours.

Because of them, I strive for patience.

Because of them, We seek his love.

Because He cares, You are preparing for me.

Because He cares, You are finally mine.