August 3, 2010

Adventures in the glass house

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I went to visit some extended family while they were in town. We had lunch at an even further extended relatives house in Blue Springs, whom I had never met. I drove up to the ‘castle’ with all 3 children in tow. Right after we entered the house Andra comments ‘I don’t like those people’ A great start to the afternoon. As I come thru the front door my worst fears are confirmed, it’s a ‘glass house’…EVERYTHING was glass, porcelain, crystal, upper class. I start to give hugs & quickly realize Andra (3 1/2) & Miles (2) are not in the room. I find them in the master bedroom shoes on, jumping on the bed w/ a WHITE comforter…I should have run away then. I drag Miles crying out of the room & shut the door, thankful he can’t yet turn doorknobs.

Before moving any further I pull Andra aside “Andra, this isn’t our house so PLEASE! Don’t touch ANYTHING!” And for the most part she didn’t. I get Miles to join me in the living room next to a glass-top coffee table covered in glass/crystal decorations ūüė¶ This sucks. He keeps picking up the glass bird & tries to smell the glass flower. He & Andra discovered a book on the table & we start looking gently. Our host tells us “O, no. This is a very expensive book, they didn’t make very many of them” As I apologize I see Miles. O crap. He’s found a large crystal candy dish with lid & is picking it up. You can tell right away he’s struggling to hold it as it teeters & totters side to side untilllll…he loses control. The lid slides off, hitting the glass-top table & falling to the floor. As quickly as I can in the meantime I adjust Logan, who’s in my lap, to one side so I can grab the dish from Miles with the other. I failed. Keep in mind this all is happening within just a few seconds. Simultaneously, the hostess has put the book away & turns to see the lid falling & she exclaims “O NO! That’s an antique, my husband gave that to me 25 years ago for our anniversary!” THANK GOD nothing broke. She quickly pulls us to an acceptable side room w/ a TV…alone.

Now tell me, how much visiting has been done thus far? My only saviors are a willing cousin to help. Luckily my cousin whispers to her mom “I’m gonna go in the other room to help Erin.” ¬†When lunch rolls around I go in the kitchen where everyone is sitting at a lovely round table… room for us at the counter, with 1 very old highchair(it is a savior at this point). ¬†After about 10 minutes Miles is no longer interested in food or the chair… so he starts fussing. ¬†I now have Logan back in my lap, Andra eating & Miles making a scene. ¬†Thank God my cousin is done eating and she takes Miles outside, which ends up becoming a refuge the rest of the time.

Originally posted April 16, 2010