January 22, 2014

My last 30 minutes

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  • Sit down to look at Pinterest (which lasts all of 20 seconds)
  • Andra tells me Jayna is poopy.  Go get her & see AJ’s butt cheeks, so he needs a diaper change too.
  • In a cheerful voice say “Diaper change!”  Jayna comes running signing ‘diaper’, AJ come running and just yells in my face.
  • Ignore him & walk her to the table, AJ follows yelling.  Remind him not to yell.  Change her, successfully.  Then while changing him, she climbs on the side of the changing table & he kicks her in the face.  Scold him & move on.
  • After done realize the diapers are still not put up from 2 days ago, put them away.  Decide to do the homemade wipes wash, grab it & go to the kitchen.
  • When in the kitchen grabbing stuff, I find a hand soap refill bottle I was looking for last week.  Decide to refill that too.  Get the soap out & I hear AJ hitting the vent w/ the big wooden whistle.  Go stop him so as not to wake my brother.
  • ~~Hang on ~~ insert “Mom, mom, mom, mom…” here
  • Hear Jayna on the table, turn to look…yup ON the table
  • Go get her down, notice there is spilled milk on the floor from AJ
  • Grab a napkin to wipe it up, in the background hear a stirring of my coffee cup
  • Turn to see Jayna ‘typing’ & stirring my coffee
  • Go get her down, clean up coffee all over desk(luckily it’s not on the computer)
  • Realize you never finished the soap & wipes wash…go try to finish.
  • While getting the soap you need from the bathroom, turn off 100 lights that the kids turned on and open curtains/blinds in 4 rooms.
  • While doing the soap & wipes wash I hear AJ banging on the floor when I investigate it he’s not just banging something on the floor, it’s a bowl…the contents of which are all over the floor around him.  His little sister is eating the smashed cereal he has dumped and is currently smashing.
  • Eventually I make it back to the kitchen to finish my 2 minute tasks that have now spanned 20 minutes easy.
  • Somewhere in the mix I changed clothes too…just not sure where, probably when I was opening the curtains
I feel like a character from Laura Numeroff’s books: “If you give a _________ a _________”

February 6, 2012

More fun kids stuff!

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The kids just found our Fisher price Nativity set & have been playing w/ it.  Here’s part of the conversation:

A: “Wiseman! Husband!  Baby Jesus came out of my tummy!” (cheering)

M: “Grrr, ugh, oof” (wisemen are fighting)…sounds about right 🙂

A: : “Your not my daddy anymore.”

M: “Well, I better just eat the baby then”

I should remind them that’s not what scripture says happened 🙂

January 6, 2011

Deceptively Delicious…o yeah!

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I just got the Deceptively Delicious & Double Delicious cookbooks by Jessica Seinfeld(yup, Jerry’s wife) for Christmas & I am so excited to try some recipes out.

In case you haven’t heard of it before all of her recipes have pureed veggies(some w/ fruit too) ‘hidden’ in them.  Mostly so that children don’t realize they are getting the vegetables they need and won’t usually eat.  I think it’s a great idea, plus it makes the food healthier all around.  Now that can’t be bad can it?

I am a Christian so I won’t be deceiving my children by lying to them about what is in the food, because that just isn’t right in my eyes.  And the author even says she puts a side of vegetables on the kids plate so they understand how important it is to eat vegetables.  I even plan on showing & telling my kids what is in the foods so that they know & will hopefully grow up to be healthy eaters as my husband and I are striving to be.

I plan on blogging about each recipe I try, as I try it so make sure to come back!  My first post will be about the pureeing aspect & how easy it is!

November 11, 2010


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Our oldest turned 4 this week.  In light of that she had 2 funny incidences:

Me: Grandma’s on the phone, wanna talk to her?

A: No, thanks (Grandma heard & started laughing)

Me: You can finish coloring after you talk to her.

A: Well, maybe later I can talk to her.

Me: (whispering) She wants to say Happy Birthday

A: Ok!

We’re definitely in the self-centered phase of life with this one!


Then today:

Me: What do you want for dinner tonight Grandma is bringing us something to eat.

A: I want chocolate, carrots, banana, tea & salt.  Cause that’s healthy right?

That convo didn’t go as planned 🙂


Then there’s Buzz (Lightyear as we’re told to call him):

Buzz: Mama I wanna be a Diaper.

Me: Diaper?  I don’t know what you mean

Buzz: I wanna be a Diaper, Like Andra (I now realize he means Viper from Kung Fu Panda, because his sister is pretending to be Viper)

Me: Oooo, Viper…can u say VVVVVViper?

Buzz: VVVVVVV-Diaper

Me: Close enough (he is 2 after all)

October 2, 2010


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Miles: It’s an ant.

Andra: Where?

Miles: It’s an ant.

Andra: Where??

Miles: It’s an ant.

Andra: WHERE?!

Miles: It’s an ant.

Andra: No, where? On your shoulder.

Miles: Noooo, on my shoulder!

Andra: Ugh(huffing)

September 26, 2010

“No not boder…”

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Miles: Andra don’t boder me.

Andra: It’s not boDer it boVer!

Miles: Ohhhhh, boder.

Andra: Huh(huffing), NOooooo BOVER!

September 21, 2010

A few old posts

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I continue to try and keep content from my old blog moved over on the new one.  That being said here’s a few oldies but goodies:


Once #3 came along, this became a fun past time of the kids. It always happens after a long night of getting up several times w/ various kids. Nap time rolls around & I can almost guarantee this convo happens:

“Alright, you go to bed now. Then I’ll fight her for awhile before I go to sleep. By the time she relaxes & gets tired for her nap & has just laid down, then you wake back up. And waking up screaming works best. It’s a thing of beauty.”

Originally posted July 26, 2010

A picture is worth a 1,000 words

” Must…see…mama…”

Something’s amis…





Originally posted June 24, 2010

Old Cartoons

I was just reminded of this story:
We were watching TV and a clip of Woody the Woodpecker came on. We got all reminiscent about it & were talking to Andra about it. So John looked up some old episodes online & they watched it together.

The next day Andra says to John “Daddy, I wanna see Woody the pecker!” We couldn’t stop laughing!

September 14, 2010

Princess Miles

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I borrowed Enchanted the movie from my sister.  Towards the end there is a beautiful ball they go to.  Andra naturally has me pause the movie so she can go get her dress for dancing.  Miles say “I want printhethss” and goes to grab Andra’s other princess dress…this is what follows 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Sorry, the video wouldn’t upload…I’ll keep trying!)

August 12, 2010

Listen to what I’m saying

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Andra: “Is that the candle?”

Me: “No, it’s the present for Kyndal”

Andra: “Oh, a candle?”

Me: “No, KYN-DAL…you know Kyla’s mama”

Andra: “Ooooo, candle.


Andra: “Look mama, Logan’s awake”

Me: “No, he’s trying to sleep. Leave him alone.”

Andra: “Wait mama, I think he said something!”

Me: “No, that was him farting…”


On Saturday I had a wedding shower to go to. I wrapped both the shower & wedding presents, with Andra’s help of course! She tried to take one and put it by the front door. I said “Wait that one is for the wedding another day. Take this one, this is for the shower today.” “Ok, mama!” And off she went.

A minute later I hear John say “ANDRA, wait! That present doesn’t go in the shower it goes by the door.” It was all right in her mind 🙂

Originally posted March 18, 2010


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So, for the first time EVER I left the children for a weekend. I was of course nervous, having never been away. All seemed it had gone well, no phone calls or emergency texts. Saturday morning I get a message from John: Andra wakes me up at 2 a.m. standing by the bed “Daddy, I don’t want to sleep” “No Andra, it’s the middle of the night, let’s go back to sleep” As I get up and walk her back Miles darts from the living room, running into the bedroom & back into bed. What in the world is going on? How long was he playing in the living room?

After getting home on Sunday & we get to talk I found out the kids woke up the 2nd night as well. I told him it was mutany! They knew I was gone and were testing the waters.

Originally posted May 2, 2010

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