October 15, 2010

The world of balancing

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I constantly feel as though I am balancing something.  Bills, how do I lower this bill to make up for the upcharge on this one.  Kids, nuff said.  House…here’s where I am struggling now.

My mother LOVES decorating.  My husband & I play the “what’s changed at her house” game every time we visit.  She’s an avid HGTV watcher & likes to share her knowledge.  Which is fine by me.  However, I do not have the financial means to go out and buy a new pillow for the living room or lamp for my bedroom.  I have what I have & need to make it work.

As we are preparing the house for selling next year I find myself trying to balance the thoughts ‘should I spend money on household stuff just to make it look better for selling’?  Granted it WOULD make things look better, but is it really worth it?  Shouldn’t we just worry about the house and not the stuff.  The frugal woman in me says ‘use what you have’.  But my mom & the make-things-look-better-woman in me say sometimes you have to spend.

Here’s the thing though, I REFUSE to spend if I wouldn’t want to keep it in the long run.  Mom, doesn’t care.  It’s all about presentation and appearances.  Buy now, sell later.  The other thing is that our house is not in the $300,000 or even $200,000 range.  We’ll be lucky if we get $80,000.  So, now you tell me…is it worth spending on decor/ furniture we don’t need just to help sell.  Is our world so messed up that looking at other peoples things will help us decide if we would like to buy a house?

For now(and always really), I am just praying that the Lord will lead a buyer to us, regardless of how HGTV would “Rate my space” and lead us to our next house.