August 3, 2010

ANTS Season

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ANTS Season…(w/ a Daffy Duck lisp 🙂

Ants invade our house every spring and we tried spray (works but stinks & have to be careful cause of the kids), traps (some work, some don’t & those that work aren’t consistant). So, I tried natural/homemade bug repellants.

I’m writing this cause it’s already working! My ants HATE Baby powder…they are avoiding it like the plague. So, put it along where the ants come in(for me along the window sill). Also, to keep them from coming back a mixture of Borax(25%) & Sugar(75%). I put it inside the window & by morning there were about 20 ants on the pile. They are supposed to bring the toxic mix back to their colony & hopefully we’ll be done with them.

I found out a few things that didn’t work for me: Vinegar & water 50/50 spray…didn’t do anything but clean(however did clean very well!). I also just poured vinegar, didn’t work. Sprinkled cinnamon…didn’t work.

UPDATE: It’s been several weeks and the baby powder is working wonderfully! the ants have unfortunately found their way in elsewhere. I keep using it where I can. Also, I keep looking in the window sill & continue to see ants on the sugar/borax mix. They did find other ways inside, but once we discovered outside where their trail was & put the mix in their path they ate it up! No more ants 🙂

Originally posted April 5, 2010