February 28, 2012

What kind of friend?

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In her darkest hour…were you there to show her love?

In her hardest time…were you there fighting for her?

In her neediest moment…were you there unceasingly?

In her saddest day…were you there to wipe her tears?

In her time of trials…were you showing her to Jesus?

In those quiet times…were you praying for her soul?

What kind of friend…are you?


October 3, 2010

No more excuses

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You know how you come to a point when enough is enough.  You are tired of living with the monotony of the day-to-day stuff?  Mostly, tired of making excuses for why that bible hasn’t gotten off the shelf in a month, aside from church(boo to ‘Sunday’ Christianity).  I’m in that place.  I am tired of saying I don’t have time and I’m going to make time.  Don’t get me wrong, I love God & pray & praise daily, but the Bible or even a daily devoted time is non-existent.  So here I am, putting it out there that I refuse to let that continue.

John & I have talked about it many times because we go thru stages where the kids get more demanding, then less demanding, then more demanding &  back again.  But we know Christ deserves so much more than that.  Family night will now commence.  Every Tuesday night we will not watch TV/Movies, etc.  We will play with the kids(duh), do Gracie Games, but most important study & read Bible stories & pray with them.  These things aren’t uncommon but we want to be more purposeful about it.  Also, after they go to sleep it’s our turn to pray, study, talk, worship, together.

Please pray for us that we continue to seek putting him first, because we all know how hard it is in our fallen state.  A men

September 1, 2010

The ONLY one for me

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My dream growing up was to be married.  I ALWAYS wanted to fall in love &  have a wonderful loving marriage.  I want to help those out there who haven’t discovered that kind of love, yet.  To help you realize that God may be preparing him/her for you but it’s all in his timing.  So, I thought I might offer a glimpse of how God worked in me.

A year or so before I met John I was tired of  ‘dating’  I just wanted to find Him, the one (I felt) God created just for me.  So I stopped dating and re-focused on God, knowing that I had to be right with the Lord before he would bless me with my spouse. I began to write letters to my spouse not knowing who he would be…

Because of you, He’s working in me.

Because of you, I’ve changed my ways.

Because of us, He’s called me back.

Because of us, I want to be pure.

Because of Him, I’m forgiven and whole.

Because of Him, I can now be yours.

Because of them, I strive for patience.

Because of them, We seek his love.

Because He cares, You are preparing for me.

Because He cares, You are finally mine.


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Tired of the monotony

Really need a break

Can’t afford it on so many levels

Why now

What is it I don’t see

Where is the help we were told we had

Does anyone really get me

Does anyone understand

I’m not the only one…am I

I must keep going

Must not even slow down

If I do, I’ll be so far behind

Pushing, pulling, do more

Can’t, but can’t say no

Pretend you can do it

Hold it together

Pretend to be strong

If you don’t…

On top of it all, we’re adding more

Have nothing for myself

Will I ever?

Everyone says “Take a break”

When, where, how

Temporary won’t help, need constant

I’m tired.

Written: Erin Blasco, 2009

August 9, 2010

Do you?

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Do you have a passion for Christ?

That far surpasses just following the word.

Where you can’t get enough of him?

You should…

Is it possible to follow him, truly?

without that fire in your heart?

If so, are you really following him?

Erin Blasco, 2010

August 3, 2010


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How can you say you follow him and live your life for him
If you still let yourself be of the world?

If you see a man, asking for money on the side of the road…

Do you think, “If I give him money he’ll just buy booze?”

Or is it “God, I pray that you will help him in his circumstance”

If you see someone who is obviously struggling with life…

Do you think, “I wish they would get it together?”

Or is it “Lord, send them someone who can share your love”

If you find yourself upset with your spouse…

Do you think, “Geez, doesn’t he/she see how upset i am?”

Or is it “Christ, help me to not be upset over such trivial things”

Erin Blasco, 2010