June 15, 2013

Homemade Exchange

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So my husband and I talked one day about trying a bunch of different homemade products, but since I am a SAHM of 5 kids, 2 of which are being Homeschooled I don’t have much free time on my hands.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a party where we could try a lot of different products.  The Homemade Exchange was born!


I emailed all the ladies I thought would be interested in being envolved and a few weeks later the day came.  There ended up being 11 participants(only 1 couldn’t come but was still able to contribute & benefit from it all) & 12 products 🙂

I will try to post links to give credit where credit is due as most of us got our ‘recipes’ from the www known to most of us as Pinterest 🙂


Dishwasher detergent, Tub/shower cleanerToothpaste, Hand soap


Lotion, Lip balm, Powdered Laundry Detergent, All-purpose Healing Salve(forgot to add this to the picture)



Gel Air Fresheners

Deodorizing discs


Liquid Laundry Detergent

(not pictured…oops:)


April 27, 2013

Homemade dishwasher tablets THAT WORK!

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Finally on my 5th attempt at a recipe for dishwashing detergent I found one that works!  Follow her instructions exactly and you will get great results.  I have 5 kids,  and hate chemicals that are in so many things.  Combine that with the fact that we are a family of 7 living on 1 income I have to be frugal/thrifty/cheap…call it what you may.  I found this thru Pinterest (thank you to the inventor of Pinterest!) and tried it.

A few notes:

~I have a baby and the nipples don’t get that greasy, white stuff on them nearly so bad.

~Make sure that your ice cube tray makes tabs that fit in the dishwasher…mine don’t 😦  I gotta cut it in half each time I wash a load.

~You NEED to top the tab w/ a little Dawn(like Jillee says to do) 🙂

~You NEED the vinegar in the wash too.  Pour it over the top or put it in a cup, just make sure it’s in there!(like Jillee says to do) 🙂

Homemade dishwasher tabs


P.S . I am loving her blog now!  I’ve found several homemade ‘recipes’ for things that I will be trying very soon!

April 8, 2013

My recipe collection

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I love new recipes, especially when you find a GOOOOOOD one!  It took me several tries to get a system that works.  So here is my first picture blog post.



How it starts, clippings from all over.









Next stick it in a binder…got this idea from someone’s blog

but sorry no link to give credit 😦






Next make notes.  I will try a recipe at least 3 times…unless it’s black bean brownies…NasT!   If it’s too much effort to tweak the recipe, in the trash it goes.    I am constantly marking notes, w/ brand names of ingredients, ideas for next attempt, and the star rating(I had to make this up for hubby to help me out).




When it’s golden, and I mean golden…it can make it into the Recipe collection book.  These are all at least 4 1/2 star recipes, ones that I plan on passing down to the kids & grand kids.  Some of the recipes in this book have been handed down to me from my parents, their old French restaurant, grandparents & from all over the place really.  And since I’m an organization freak, it’s color coded 🙂  Organization makes me smile!




Mason Jar Tumbler Lid ~ DIY

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I LOVE!!!! my mason jars.  This is a new found love.  My husband says they are so homely (he he…he means homey, I laughed hard).  Anyways, I saw them all over Pinterest & Etsy, 2 very dangerous sites for me!  I wanted some since we are beginning to get BIG into Juicing and hubby wants glass to drink from & to be able to take it with him.  I didn’t wanna pay $20 for a glass bottle nor $6 for a lid w/ a hole especially since there are 7 of us.  So here goes on my very short tutorial.

tumbler lid

First…go to her site here    and follow her directions.  😀  I LOVE the plaid lid she shows, I wish I could’ve found them.  But here’s my take on the whole process.

I followed her directions on both the metal & plastic lids.  The plastic was easier in my opinion.  Once you make the hole on the plastic you can pretty much just pull the shavings off.  With the metal lids you have to use tin snips or something like that to cut the metal pieces  MAKE SURE your grommet it 3/8″ INSIDE…I made that mistake at first and now have 10 grommet’s I’ll never use 😦  I got my grommets from Amazon.  All my straws are 3/8″ that I got from Etsy and Amazon.  We have some Acrylic, these are hard non-piable and  we have some non-BPA plastic which are closer to disposable straws.

I bought the wide mouth, cause I love how they look.  And I bought the 24 ounce & 12 ounce jars.  The straws are too tall for the 12 ounce jars so I cut down some of the non-BPA straws down.  We love them!

September 10, 2010


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I found this blog and LOVE what she is doing. If I could sew I would do this! Maybe I can learn how to sew & then do my own…either way, you go girl!

That is all.

UPDATE:  She was on the Nate Berkus show around day 300!  I knew I was in the company of greatness!

August 7, 2010

Homemade Laundry Detergent

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Here is the detergent recipe I’ve been using for about 5 months.  It was given to me by Kyla Leiboult and I’m not sure where she got it.  We love it & works just as good as Tide & at a fraction of the cost!  We just keep our old detergent or milk jugs an re-use them.

*Kyla’s Detergent

1 bar Fels-Naptha (or Castile)

4 c. hot water + 5 gallons hot water

1 c washing soda

½-1 cup borax

4 tbsp glycerin  or 1 cup baking soda

Shred soap finely w/ grater.  Dissolve in pan w/ 4 c. water over med-low heat

Fill 5 gallon bucket w/ 2.5 gallons hot tap water.  Add soap mixture & stir.

Add slowly washing soda & Borax.  Stir until powder is dissolved

Once dissolved add glycerin/baking soda & stir.

Add remaining 2.5 gallons hot water & stir till combined.

Let sit in bucket until room temp or fill jugs & keep lids off until cooled.

Soap will be a gel-goopy consistency.  Use ¼ c. top loader/ 1/8 c. front loader

~~Cheaper to use baking soda(50C a box) vs. glycerin($4.99 bottle)~~

UPDATED: My first batch(using Fels-Naptha) of this was great, took out stains, kept things fresh.  The 2nd batch(made with Castile) wasn’t so great.  Treated stains weren’t coming out & clothes didn’t smell fresh for as long.  My 2 cents, use Fels-Naptha.

August 3, 2010

Baby spice rack

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I HATE throwing out tons of baby food jars.  Some I’m keeping to make our own baby food but there are still lots there.  When our tiny kitchen frustrated me because I had spices in 4 places I started looking for expandable spice racks and it hit me…the 10 jars sitting in the window were perfect size.

Super easy, here goes.  I chose to use the 2.5 oz. jars instead of the 4 oz. jars.  Mostly because I couldn’t find magnets strong enough to hold them to the fridge with that much weight.  First clean out the jars & lids.  Dry off or let dry completly(or spices will clump).  Take the paper labels off by soaking in hot water or just put hot water inside the jar.  I recommend both, because this process will help take off alot of the glue from the label as well.  For any remaining glue dab good amount of some sort of oil on it, I had canola.  Leave on for at least 10 minutes, most glue should wipe off.  If it all doesn’t come off just repeat and leave the oil on for several hours.

Once the lids are dry affix a strong magnet (mine are strength 6 out of 10 & stronger would be better) with super strong glue.  I bought both at Hobby Lobby, magnets were 6 for $1.99 & the glue was $3.47.  Let dry completely before use.

Affix a spice label to each jar & fill. You can’t really see the ‘Nature’s Goodness’ on the lid but you could paint them if you want.  Also, I affix the spice label on the sides so that I can enjoy the beautiful varied colors of the spices.

Pics soon!


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I remember as a kid trying to convince my mom we could fit a recycling bin in our tiny little pantry(that was chock-full of stuff.  I just desperately wanted to do our part.  Fast-forward 20+ years later and we finally made it happen after I discovered there is a recycling program in our area.  Our trash has been cut in 1/2 & since I am beginning to make our laundry cleaners, household cleaners & some toiletries I’m using some items for those.

And I LOVE it because I can tell our 2 & 3 year olds why I rinse out all these things and re-use them/recycle them.  Thanks to Sesame St. new season they understand in a fun way about recycling as well.

Not to mention my awesome new spice rack made from baby food jars!  Check out that post 🙂

Homemade making party

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I’ve had several ladies asking how to make this & that, since in my ventures to be ECO conscious & frugal I have learned alot. So, in true hostess form I invited them all over. Granted some couldn’t make it & we’re hoping to have a 2nd party soon…but it was good. We made Laundry Detergent, Fabric softener, All-purpose cleaner/’Febreeze’, Carpet/Diaper pail Deodorizer & Hand soap. Don’t worry, I’ll post all of the recipes we’ve used soon.

One that I will put here is the super-easy All-purpose cleaner: Put 50/50 Vinegar/Water mix…say 1 c. each. One recipe I found called for 4 tbsp of lemon juice, some of us picked it some didn’t. Add essential oils (of your choice) but here’s what I’ve found out about some oils:
Lavender oil = antimicrobial, soothing
Eucalyptus oil = removes grease
Tea tree oil = antifungal/antibacterial/antiviral
Just put it into a spray bottle(I used a rinsed out Windex bottle) an shake it up.  Works great & is safe enough for daily use.

ANTS Season

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ANTS Season…(w/ a Daffy Duck lisp 🙂

Ants invade our house every spring and we tried spray (works but stinks & have to be careful cause of the kids), traps (some work, some don’t & those that work aren’t consistant). So, I tried natural/homemade bug repellants.

I’m writing this cause it’s already working! My ants HATE Baby powder…they are avoiding it like the plague. So, put it along where the ants come in(for me along the window sill). Also, to keep them from coming back a mixture of Borax(25%) & Sugar(75%). I put it inside the window & by morning there were about 20 ants on the pile. They are supposed to bring the toxic mix back to their colony & hopefully we’ll be done with them.

I found out a few things that didn’t work for me: Vinegar & water 50/50 spray…didn’t do anything but clean(however did clean very well!). I also just poured vinegar, didn’t work. Sprinkled cinnamon…didn’t work.

UPDATE: It’s been several weeks and the baby powder is working wonderfully! the ants have unfortunately found their way in elsewhere. I keep using it where I can. Also, I keep looking in the window sill & continue to see ants on the sugar/borax mix. They did find other ways inside, but once we discovered outside where their trail was & put the mix in their path they ate it up! No more ants 🙂

Originally posted April 5, 2010