Let’s get this out of the way: I am NOT a professional writer, wordsmith, or anything close!  I just enjoy expressing myself as do many other bloggers out there.  So please don’t pick apart my wording(grammer wuz nevar mi strong sute).  There, that’s my disclaimer…let’s move on.

So you want to know who I am and what got me here?

First and foremost, my husband & I are living our lives for God & trying to live as he would desire.  I feel that many things tie into this:  Recycling, to preserve this beautiful world that he entrusted to us.  Frugality, with his finances & resources in a way that is pleasing to him & not extravagant.  Healthy, because our bodies are his temple & we need to treat them with the utmost respect.  Life, he gave us our children & we need to make sure they desire him as we do.

I am a wife to one awesome husband.  I am a stay at home mom with 5 beautiful kids: 6 1/2, 5, 3, 1 1/2,  & 7 months. We are beginning our 2nd year of Homeschooling and trying to figure it all out.  Before getting married I got my degree in Early Childhood Education & taught preschool.  I also worked for a Title Co. here which was great because after having our first child I was able to work from home(HUGE BLESSING) for 3 years.  We knew once we started having children that we wanted me to stay home with them & to eventually home school them.

I began learning about frugality from my mom at a young age & am now taking it and running with it.   About 5 years ago, I HAD to find ways to be frugal since we were down to 1 income w/ a growing family.  I knew I wanted to share the things I learned with others.  Hence the beginning of the blog, although it was never a ploy to get TONS of people to ‘follow’ me as much as something I have come to enjoy…as time permits 🙂

Lastly, I love food!  I took after my dad on that one.  But in the last few years I’ve become much more aware of the fact that we need to be more health conscious.  I have struggled for many years with weight & want to make a life change instead of throwing myself on the Atkins diet for a couple of months.  When I started this blog my first big step was eliminating HFCS, and it has really progressed since then.  We make smoothies & juices, hoping to soon be all organic but we do what we can.


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