January 18, 2014

“I..I..I app..ppreciate it”

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 My most heart wrenching encounter so far and it just happened today.  Words can’t express the emotions I feel and the sadness because I don’t know how to do more.  I don’t post this for you(or thanks or glory or anything for myself), only for a reminder of how I feel right now so that I NEVER forget to help those in need.

A homeless man, dead of winter

Sitting on the side of a road


Car after car, driving by

No one even pausing to help


Not even myself, only a prayer

Am I really so busy I can not stop?


Second time by, that little voice

Calling me to help this man


First try, hat and scarf

“I..I..I app..ppreciate it”


Second try, food, drink, and money

“I..I..I app..ppreciate it”


Third try, needed gloves

“I..I..I app..ppreciate it”


Drive away, breaking down

“LORD!  What more can I do?!”


Wanting to help, but how

“I’ll come back tomorrow”


“I..I..I app..ppreciate it” is all he ever said


 I went into a store looking for gloves and it’s full of new clothes, coats, hats, scarves, food…yet only 1 pair of gloves could I find.  At one point I thought “Seriously?  No gloves?”  But then the thought came to me (or the still small voice spoke to me) “How far will you go for this man?” Despite knowing my family needed me to bring back the groceries for dinner I continued to search.  Finally, 1 lonely pair of black gloves.  As I stand in line I see people buying stuff that they don’t need and it saddens me that I just did the same thing before seeing this man.  Thank you Lord for allowing me this experience so that I may change my ways for the sake of your children.





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