January 14, 2014

How can I get ahead if I can’t even keep up?

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:20 pm by mottoblasco

How can I get ahead if I can’t even keep up?


Laundry: do a load, after wash cycle is done kid poops on bed…requiring another

Kids: feed the 4, then baby cries…feed another

Discipline: work out the sharing schedule, they fight again…discipline another

Dishes: clean kitchen, make dinner…wash another

Workout: kids join, only lasts 10 mins…gain another

Nap: should do something, only sanity time…again another

Husband: needs time for himself too, watch kids more…for another

Night away: run errand, hang w/ friends…neglected another


I know when u have kids you’re supposed to sacrifice & put your self 2nd…but I feel like I’m in last.  Behind kids, baby, husband, dishes, dog, laundry, clean house, yard, groceries, cooking.  And most importantly, where is God’s placement.  I’d like to say he’s first…but does that show?  When’s the last time I picked up the bible, outside of church.  When’s the last time we studied the word together.  I know he’s feeling the same way, but we can’t find the solution.  I’m not asking for stuff, just time.  For me.  But then that’s selfish cause the children come first (it’s come full circle).


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