January 22, 2014

My last 30 minutes

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  • Sit down to look at Pinterest (which lasts all of 20 seconds)
  • Andra tells me Jayna is poopy.  Go get her & see AJ’s butt cheeks, so he needs a diaper change too.
  • In a cheerful voice say “Diaper change!”  Jayna comes running signing ‘diaper’, AJ come running and just yells in my face.
  • Ignore him & walk her to the table, AJ follows yelling.  Remind him not to yell.  Change her, successfully.  Then while changing him, she climbs on the side of the changing table & he kicks her in the face.  Scold him & move on.
  • After done realize the diapers are still not put up from 2 days ago, put them away.  Decide to do the homemade wipes wash, grab it & go to the kitchen.
  • When in the kitchen grabbing stuff, I find a hand soap refill bottle I was looking for last week.  Decide to refill that too.  Get the soap out & I hear AJ hitting the vent w/ the big wooden whistle.  Go stop him so as not to wake my brother.
  • ~~Hang on ~~ insert “Mom, mom, mom, mom…” here
  • Hear Jayna on the table, turn to look…yup ON the table
  • Go get her down, notice there is spilled milk on the floor from AJ
  • Grab a napkin to wipe it up, in the background hear a stirring of my coffee cup
  • Turn to see Jayna ‘typing’ & stirring my coffee
  • Go get her down, clean up coffee all over desk(luckily it’s not on the computer)
  • Realize you never finished the soap & wipes wash…go try to finish.
  • While getting the soap you need from the bathroom, turn off 100 lights that the kids turned on and open curtains/blinds in 4 rooms.
  • While doing the soap & wipes wash I hear AJ banging on the floor when I investigate it he’s not just banging something on the floor, it’s a bowl…the contents of which are all over the floor around him.  His little sister is eating the smashed cereal he has dumped and is currently smashing.
  • Eventually I make it back to the kitchen to finish my 2 minute tasks that have now spanned 20 minutes easy.
  • Somewhere in the mix I changed clothes too…just not sure where, probably when I was opening the curtains
I feel like a character from Laura Numeroff’s books: “If you give a _________ a _________”

January 18, 2014

“I..I..I app..ppreciate it”

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 My most heart wrenching encounter so far and it just happened today.  Words can’t express the emotions I feel and the sadness because I don’t know how to do more.  I don’t post this for you(or thanks or glory or anything for myself), only for a reminder of how I feel right now so that I NEVER forget to help those in need.

A homeless man, dead of winter

Sitting on the side of a road


Car after car, driving by

No one even pausing to help


Not even myself, only a prayer

Am I really so busy I can not stop?


Second time by, that little voice

Calling me to help this man


First try, hat and scarf

“I..I..I app..ppreciate it”


Second try, food, drink, and money

“I..I..I app..ppreciate it”


Third try, needed gloves

“I..I..I app..ppreciate it”


Drive away, breaking down

“LORD!  What more can I do?!”


Wanting to help, but how

“I’ll come back tomorrow”


“I..I..I app..ppreciate it” is all he ever said


 I went into a store looking for gloves and it’s full of new clothes, coats, hats, scarves, food…yet only 1 pair of gloves could I find.  At one point I thought “Seriously?  No gloves?”  But then the thought came to me (or the still small voice spoke to me) “How far will you go for this man?” Despite knowing my family needed me to bring back the groceries for dinner I continued to search.  Finally, 1 lonely pair of black gloves.  As I stand in line I see people buying stuff that they don’t need and it saddens me that I just did the same thing before seeing this man.  Thank you Lord for allowing me this experience so that I may change my ways for the sake of your children.




January 14, 2014

How can you…

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How can you say you follow him

and live your life for him

If you still let yourself be of the world?


If you see a man, asking for money on the side of the road…  

Do you think, “If I give him money he’ll just buy booze?”

Or is it “God, I pray that you will help him in his circumstance”


If you see someone who is obviously struggling with life…

Do you think, “I wish they would get it together?”

Or is it “Lord, send them someone who can share your love”


If you find yourself upset with your spouse…

Do you think, “Geez, doesn’t he/she see how upset i am?”

Or is it “Christ, help me to not be upset over such trivial things”


How can I get ahead if I can’t even keep up?

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How can I get ahead if I can’t even keep up?


Laundry: do a load, after wash cycle is done kid poops on bed…requiring another

Kids: feed the 4, then baby cries…feed another

Discipline: work out the sharing schedule, they fight again…discipline another

Dishes: clean kitchen, make dinner…wash another

Workout: kids join, only lasts 10 mins…gain another

Nap: should do something, only sanity time…again another

Husband: needs time for himself too, watch kids more…for another

Night away: run errand, hang w/ friends…neglected another


I know when u have kids you’re supposed to sacrifice & put your self 2nd…but I feel like I’m in last.  Behind kids, baby, husband, dishes, dog, laundry, clean house, yard, groceries, cooking.  And most importantly, where is God’s placement.  I’d like to say he’s first…but does that show?  When’s the last time I picked up the bible, outside of church.  When’s the last time we studied the word together.  I know he’s feeling the same way, but we can’t find the solution.  I’m not asking for stuff, just time.  For me.  But then that’s selfish cause the children come first (it’s come full circle).