May 4, 2013

Crockpot & Freezer cooking

Posted in Deceptively Delicious, Mmmmmmm fooooood at 12:22 am by mottoblasco

If you are on Pinterest (it’s a dangerous thing…but LOVE IT!) you may be seeing the Crockpot or Freezer meal craze going on. Really, it’s hard to miss but I am all over it. This family of 7 is not lending to the chef I’d prefer to be. I am more like a short order cook these days. Anyways, I am testing many of these meals that seem appealing to our family in the next few months and will be rating them according to our system(basically I got sick of John saying ‘It’s good” or “kinda good” or “really good” or “I’ll eat almost anything but NEVER make those black bean brownies again please”

If you care to see which meals are making the list check out my Pinterest board here.  I’ve already compiled a book of New Recipes to try, which included many more than what is on my board.  Either way, I have tried several recipes already and plan on 1-2 new recipes a week.  This week’s menu has Starbucks Chocolate Bread…mmmmmmmmm


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