April 8, 2013

My recipe collection

Posted in Homemade...everything, Mmmmmmm fooooood at 10:12 pm by mottoblasco

I love new recipes, especially when you find a GOOOOOOD one!  It took me several tries to get a system that works.  So here is my first picture blog post.



How it starts, clippings from all over.









Next stick it in a binder…got this idea from someone’s blog

but sorry no link to give credit 😦






Next make notes.  I will try a recipe at least 3 times…unless it’s black bean brownies…NasT!   If it’s too much effort to tweak the recipe, in the trash it goes.    I am constantly marking notes, w/ brand names of ingredients, ideas for next attempt, and the star rating(I had to make this up for hubby to help me out).




When it’s golden, and I mean golden…it can make it into the Recipe collection book.  These are all at least 4 1/2 star recipes, ones that I plan on passing down to the kids & grand kids.  Some of the recipes in this book have been handed down to me from my parents, their old French restaurant, grandparents & from all over the place really.  And since I’m an organization freak, it’s color coded 🙂  Organization makes me smile!





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