April 8, 2013

Mason Jar Tumbler Lid ~ DIY

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I LOVE!!!! my mason jars.  This is a new found love.  My husband says they are so homely (he he…he means homey, I laughed hard).  Anyways, I saw them all over Pinterest & Etsy, 2 very dangerous sites for me!  I wanted some since we are beginning to get BIG into Juicing and hubby wants glass to drink from & to be able to take it with him.  I didn’t wanna pay $20 for a glass bottle nor $6 for a lid w/ a hole especially since there are 7 of us.  So here goes on my very short tutorial.

tumbler lid

First…go to her site here    and follow her directions.  😀  I LOVE the plaid lid she shows, I wish I could’ve found them.  But here’s my take on the whole process.

I followed her directions on both the metal & plastic lids.  The plastic was easier in my opinion.  Once you make the hole on the plastic you can pretty much just pull the shavings off.  With the metal lids you have to use tin snips or something like that to cut the metal pieces  MAKE SURE your grommet it 3/8″ INSIDE…I made that mistake at first and now have 10 grommet’s I’ll never use 😦  I got my grommets from Amazon.  All my straws are 3/8″ that I got from Etsy and Amazon.  We have some Acrylic, these are hard non-piable and  we have some non-BPA plastic which are closer to disposable straws.

I bought the wide mouth, cause I love how they look.  And I bought the 24 ounce & 12 ounce jars.  The straws are too tall for the 12 ounce jars so I cut down some of the non-BPA straws down.  We love them!



  1. Stephanie said,

    These are awesome! I have a ton of mason jar mugs that this project would be perfect for. 🙂

  2. Mason Jar Mug this is nice!!!!please check it!

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