January 23, 2012

I finally started cloth diapering

Posted in Cloth diapering tagged , , at 3:11 pm by mottoblasco

I just had child #4 & only began cloth diapering(CDing for those familiar) a couple months before he was born.  I am killing myself for not having done so sooner.  Not just because of environmental purposes but financial too.  I will just say it’s not as simple, at first, as disposables.  But I was forced to use a few disposables recently and hated it, just because of all the reasons we chose to CD in the first place; financial, environmental, the cute factor :).

My husband and I are really trying to be aware that this world was given to us by the Lord.  And just as it’s our responsibility to take care of our temples(bodies) we should take care of this world.  So we have been on a venture of living more self-sustainable, eco-conscious & living rightly(as we see it).  This is one way.  My next post will break down the basics of what I learned while researching CDing & I’m sure I will add to it as I go…because I’m still learning as I go.  Thanks!


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