November 11, 2010


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Our oldest turned 4 this week.  In light of that she had 2 funny incidences:

Me: Grandma’s on the phone, wanna talk to her?

A: No, thanks (Grandma heard & started laughing)

Me: You can finish coloring after you talk to her.

A: Well, maybe later I can talk to her.

Me: (whispering) She wants to say Happy Birthday

A: Ok!

We’re definitely in the self-centered phase of life with this one!


Then today:

Me: What do you want for dinner tonight Grandma is bringing us something to eat.

A: I want chocolate, carrots, banana, tea & salt.  Cause that’s healthy right?

That convo didn’t go as planned 🙂


Then there’s Buzz (Lightyear as we’re told to call him):

Buzz: Mama I wanna be a Diaper.

Me: Diaper?  I don’t know what you mean

Buzz: I wanna be a Diaper, Like Andra (I now realize he means Viper from Kung Fu Panda, because his sister is pretending to be Viper)

Me: Oooo, Viper…can u say VVVVVViper?

Buzz: VVVVVVV-Diaper

Me: Close enough (he is 2 after all)


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