September 21, 2010

A few old posts

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I continue to try and keep content from my old blog moved over on the new one.  That being said here’s a few oldies but goodies:


Once #3 came along, this became a fun past time of the kids. It always happens after a long night of getting up several times w/ various kids. Nap time rolls around & I can almost guarantee this convo happens:

“Alright, you go to bed now. Then I’ll fight her for awhile before I go to sleep. By the time she relaxes & gets tired for her nap & has just laid down, then you wake back up. And waking up screaming works best. It’s a thing of beauty.”

Originally posted July 26, 2010

A picture is worth a 1,000 words

” Must…see…mama…”

Something’s amis…





Originally posted June 24, 2010

Old Cartoons

I was just reminded of this story:
We were watching TV and a clip of Woody the Woodpecker came on. We got all reminiscent about it & were talking to Andra about it. So John looked up some old episodes online & they watched it together.

The next day Andra says to John “Daddy, I wanna see Woody the pecker!” We couldn’t stop laughing!


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