August 12, 2010

Thoughts: child harness

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I hate those little harnesses that look like backpacks for little kids.  But now I’m thinking of getting one, just for certain occasions.  Here’s why.

A friend & I went to Deanna Rose Farmstead with our 7 children.  Not a half an hour goes by & I decide to let my 2 yr old down(inside a building) to look at a cow.  Within a minute he had run out the door, without me seeing him.  I realized he was missing & started frantically looking for him.  He was outside running circles in the grass.  Lucky for me a mom & her older daughter were watching him & looking for me.  As soon as I saw him I didn’t know whether to hug him or be ticked off.

Just last week he wandered out of church & into the parking lot.  Granted we don’t keep as close of an eye on him because it’s church & we all watch each other’s kids…but most people were gone, so no one else to watch out for him.

THEN just 2 days ago I had to get him out of the cart at the grocery store & thought he was right there eating his cookie.  But the store manager caught him as he began to leave HyVee(at the same time my daughter’s going “Where’s Miles?” while I was checking out.  Holy Cow!  This boy is gonna give me a heart attack. 

I can’t afford those alert bracelets(over $100).  So, I’m contemplating one of those horrid backpacks.  What are your thoughts.  I’m just terrified that he’ll keep doing it & one day he will get hurt or taken?



  1. (Aunt) Lou said,

    My husband almost lost a very fast two year old daughter when she darted up and onto a railing at the Royal Gorge. (She is now a very much alive 24 year old.) Even though people say it’s demeaning because they think you are treating your children like pets, I feel nothing of the sort. The important thing is that your babes are safe. I also witnessed a small child that ran up to and almost jumped onto an automated airport shuttle car as the doors were closing. The shaking father barely was able to grab him and snatch him off the car before it took off for another terminal.

  2. meg kennnedy said,

    I dont have the backpack type, but i have the leash. I’ll look for it for you. yes, I called it a leash.

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