August 3, 2010


Posted in The Blasco Kids tagged , at 11:00 am by mottoblasco

My goofy little girl and I love it.

Yesterday we’re in the grocery store & she starts galloping in front of the cart going “Who’s the cat? You da cat! Who’s the cat? You da cat!…” (You have to have seen Madagascar to understand)

Then after getting home, she pulls on her dress & goes “Check out my GI! Peace!” (Also, you have to have seen Sesame Street’s Murray to find it so funny) I guess I just love that she’s imitating so many things & being goofy with it.

Today, I think, topped both of those. She’s looking at a book of Santa, who is squatting down to look at something. Across the page is a mouse. Here’s her “reading” the book “And the mouse is gonna run over under Santa’s bottom, and, ummm then Santa’s going to poo-poo.

Originally posted March 15, 2010


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