August 3, 2010

A few keepers

Posted in The Blasco Kids tagged , , , at 11:05 am by mottoblasco

Here’s a few little funnies we love to remember:

We were watching Kung Fu Panda when Andra said: “YOU CAN DO IT PO!!!!” What’s funny though is it’s when Po first gets knocked around at the beginning, clearly not doing well.

I had just yawned real big, Miles goes “Bless you” 🙂

Andra’s was watching Aladdin for 1st time…”NO CARPET, leave monkey alone!”

This one’s John, it is kid related: He woke up in the middle of the night talking in his sleep “Nuh uh, stay off mommy’s tummy! Are you okay babe?” And went back to sleep. I was 7 months pregnant at the time.

Andra was saying bedtime prayers & here is part of it ”…& pray our friends aren’t sick, & tummies get better so they don’t auuughttt (throwing up sound) anymore…”

We were watching TV and a clip of Woody the Woodpecker came on. We got all reminiscent about it & were talking to Andra about it. So John looked up some old episodes online & they watched it together.

The next day Andra says to John “Daddy, I wanna see Woody the pecker!” We couldn’t stop laughing!


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